Daria Perrone was born in Florida, raised in New Jersey and yes, she knows both states can lead to a curious combination of human. She began writing when she was ten years old after finishing the first book in the Harry Potter series. It was a journey into what she had no idea at the time was self-insert fan fiction thanks to a lack of internet service. She graduated in 2011 with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Religion from Hofstra University leading to a strong interest in mythology, world building, and stories that thrive in the supernatural.

She currently works in Strategy and Brand Solutions at The Walt Disney Company as she continues writing her first novel. 

Daria is based in Northern New Jersey with her husband and their menagerie of animals (two cats, one dog). When she’s not writing, she’s bingeing her favorite Bravo reality shows, indulging in interior design, and learning to cull how much time she spends online.

She is also the co-host of Hotel Vicarious, a podcast where two best friends talk about all their favorite tv shows and movies.